Focus on English as the medium of communication during school hours

Emphasis on punctuality. Absentees and latecomers will require permission from either or Principal/Class teacher on the Regularity record.

The appropriate uniform is compulsory for all classes: regular or co-curricular.

Fashion accessories and other inappropriate attire are strongly discouraged. Such items once confiscated will not be returned.

The school bears no responsibility for lost goods. It is not advisable to bring valuables and money to the school.


Private tuition is generally discouraged. (Parents/Guardians may get written permission from Principal for remedial classes). Students who require extra help will be provided the same during school hours.

Students who cannot join classes immediately after any given holiday, need to inform Principal, in writing, before classes resume.

Day scholars must not leave school premises without permission from Principal.
Boarders need permission from either Principal or Hostel In-charge to leave school/hostel campus.


We encourage Parents or Guardians to help the school in following areas:
1. Attendance: check attendance & duly sign the leave notes
2. Punctuality: send children to school on time for all school based activities; academic & co-curricular
3. Due Diligence: monitor homework & study hours at home. Sign against remarks in the ‘remarks column’. (Please check student’s calendar)
4. Appointments: set up regular meetings with teachers & Principal for performance updates of wards.
5. Disciplinary Measures: accept, respect & abide by actions taken by school authorities.


While all agree that technology brings convenience & versatility, there is little information about potential health effects of gadgets. Most parents realize that too much time spent with a touch screen can lead to eye disorders. But is that all?

In 2014, Association of Teachers in Britain reported that a rising number of kids lack the motor skills needed to play with building blocks though they can easily “swipe a screen”. The reason is an “addiction” to tablets & smartphones & lack of physical activity in all respects.

Students are encourage limited use of digital devices.